As promised, here are the rules for taking part in the Hare and Hounds Chaingang rides. These will be made permanently available on the Yaxley Riders website soon.

The rules have been prepared with everyone's safety in mind, yours included so please respect them. If a ride leader tells you you're doing something wrong please listen.

If you have never ridden in a group before please take part in a few of the other group rides hosted by Yaxley Riders on a Tuesday evening first so you can familiarise yourself with group riding etiquette and get comfortable riding in close proximity to others before attempting take part in the Hare and Hounds.

How it works:

The Hare and Hounds consists of four or five groups, each with no more than 12 riders. The first group will be aiming for an average speed of 20mph, the second 21-22mph, the third 23-24mph, the fourth 25-26mph and the fifth 26mph+

As each group is set off they will ride 2 abreast to start with until everyone is riding at the same pace at which point the inside line (the left side) will accelerate moderately and commence the rotation. To do this, the front rider of the inside line accelerates in a controlled fashion, and when clear of the front person on the outside line, moves over and “soft pedals" to match the slightly slower speed of the outside line. By doing this the rider behind him in the inside line uses the momentum of his line to pass the new rider at front of outside line. It’s important that the speed differential between the inside line and outside line is not very high (no more than 1mph difference), as otherwise the chain gets fragmented and everyone has to work harder.

When you are the last person on the outside line you should move left to the inside line and gradually move forwards till you are at the front again. We want the group to stay together for the vast majority of the ride. Therefore, please don’t accelerate out of roundabouts or junctions as this strings out the group un-necessarily and equally, please note that sometimes we might slow the pace slightly to help people stay on.

It’s understood that, sometimes, this will mean stronger riders ride slightly below the level they want, but the ride is for the greater good of the group. If you are one of the stronger riders and want to push it, save the effort for the sprint at the end.

Rules for taking part:
No helmet, no ride

Tri-bars, clip on or otherwise are not permitted on any Hare and Hounds ride. If you cannot remove them before the ride begins you will not be permitted to join

No overlapping wheels with other riders.

If you start with a group, you stay with that group until the end. Trying to jump on to a passing group is disruptive to the group you're leaving and the one you're trying to join

Call "Clear" for the rider coming through on to the front

Call "Last" as you move from the back of the group on to the inside line.

Point out hazards as you would on any group ride

Do not ride more than two abreast, except when overtaking

Overtake in single file

Obey the Highway Code

Thank you for taking the time to read these. See you on the road, and ride safe smile emoticon



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