Sunday Spinner

14 Jan 2017

A cornerstone of Yaxley Riders is our weekly Spinner which leaves the Sunny Cafe (see Departure Point below) at 09:00 on Sunday mornings, weather permitting. Feel free to arrive earlier and enjoy a pre-ride coffee before hitting the road.

Ride distances are usually 40-45 miles with a couple of routes nearer 50. Terrain varies, ranging from fairly flat fen roads to more hillier routes out to the west.

Please introduce yourself if you're joining us for the first time; you’ll be sure of a warm welcome. If you’ve not ridden in a group before please make this known to the host/ride leaders and even if your solo pace is higher we’d suggest riding in the social group until you’re comfortable alongside others; you can move on to a faster ride in future weeks as the pace suits.

There will be a nominated host each week with responsibilty for organising and setting the groups off in a timely manner; each group departing will contain no more than 18 riders.

Depending on numbers the ride will split into groups as follows:-

Fast  20+ mph average (little or no waiting)
This will be an intensive ride with little or no stopping so if you join this group it is your responsibility to ensure you can achieve the required pace.

Intermediate 1  18-20 mph average (some waiting)
Intermediate 2  16-18 mph average (some waiting)
Where numbers permit there will be two Intermediate groups covering the advertised speeds above. If there are not enough riders to form two groups then a single will be run with a speed range agreed beforehand. These ranges are suggested and if the group is rolling above the stated average, and riders are happy with this, then it will be the nominated group leader who'll use their discretion on whether or not to keep to that pace.

Social  14-16 mph average (lots of waiting, pace of slowest rider)
This will be a controlled group ride at the speed of the slowest riders so please do not ride in this group if you can achieve above the maximum speed UNLESS you intend to participate in helping the other riders in this group and stick to the advertised speed.

Please choose carefully as failing to do so might see you end up in a group too fast or slow for your ability and this doesn't mean the group will then ride to your speed. 


Although jumping between groups is not ideal if you do get separated for any reason, and are swept up by the group behind, please communicate with them and ask if its ok to join them.

Ideally there'll be a lead rider in each group but if this not an obvious member of the Admin team, or an experienced Yaxley Rider, then we may need a volunteer to keep an eye out for that group. If there happens to be no leader then please communicate with others if the speed gets too high or there are any other issues with how the group is riding.

If you are feeling unwell please communicate this to other riders around you and notify them if you have any medical conditions.

For your safety we adopt a “no helmet, no ride” policy and although not compulsory we would strongly advise carrying the following items:-

  • Mobile phone (fully charged)
  • Identification
  • Cash or debit card
  • Medical ID card (if required)
  • Cycle repair kit (including a spare inner tube, pump or compressed air)
  • Liquids and food to last the ride

It is also your responsibility to have understood and acknowledged the route before riding. These are listed below and that weeks planned route will be announced on our Facebook and Strava groups a few days before. We recommend downloading the route to your phone or Garmin device so it can be called up if needed.


45 miles / 1,645ft elevation gain

43 miles / 1,172ft elevation gain

44 miles / 1,822ft elevation gain

49 miles / 1,914ft elevation gain

44 miles / 1,584ft elevation gain

King's Cliffe
42 miles / 1,612ft elevation gain

St. Ives
50 miles / 1,385ft elevation gain

44 miles / 797ft elevation gain

Thorpe Waterville
46 miles / 1,698ft elevation gain

45 miles / 542ft elevation gain

41 miles / 1,530ft elevation gain

Ride departs each week from Sunny Café, 1 Lansdowne Rd, Yaxley, PE7 3JL.
The 90 minute maximium stay restriction has now been lifted so there should be ample free parking for those wishing to drive over.

Just leaves us to wish you a safe and enjoyable ride, hope to see you there!

YR Admin